Tantric Star in Circle

Silver-Gold Plated

This magical Pendant is a combined fractal of 4 fundamental geometries that constitute our physical existence:

- The StarTetrahedron, which resonates with the original human blueprint and starship vehicle (MerKaBa), activating its presence in our consciousness field.

- The Octahedron within it, forming from all 6 crossing points, where the 2 Tetrahedrons intersect

- The Cube, which is the outer frame of the Star Tetrahedron, if you connect all 6 Star points

- The Circle, primordial geometry - the pulse of creation, a circular waveform - the perfect shape of Unity, Oneness, the holographic image of each point in the universe

Communion with the Tantric Star, this holographic fractal of Source geometry, re-awakens the cognisance of our Soul Covenant, reconnects us to Source, the Heart of Creation.
It is the same energy pattern that conceives atoms, Humans, Stars ... - the seminal form that Consciousness takes as it initiates the polarisation of the Monad into the sacred enclosure of the Trinity, holding the frequency of 3rd dimension fully manifest in form.

It helps us to center, balance and stabilize all our energy fields. It protects against unbalanced electric and magnetic emanations, like microwaves from wireless technologies

The perfect precision of this Tool creates maximum coherence and resonant energy induction.