Rainbow Chakra Tapestry

Not just a tapestry but can also be used as a throw, a towel, a table cloth and a wall hanging. Symbolizing the 7 chakras. Enjoy this item in your yoga class, picnic at the beach, or watching the night sky. With it's vibrant colors, looks really stunning in the eyes. Comfortable material to use. Machine washable, cold water and dry clean which makes it easy to clean. Perfect gift idea for practically anyone! 

Size : 150cm x 70cm (4.9ft X 2.30ft) , 0.1cm thin
Material : 100% polyester fiber

-Red to symbolize the Root Chakra: 
stability ✦ grounding ✦ physical energy ✦ will ✦ ѕecurity

-Orange to symbolize the Sacral Chakra: 
creativity ✦ нealing ✦ sexuality ✦ deѕιre ✦ emotion ✦ drive

-Yellow to symbolize the Solar Plexus Chakra:
intellect ✦ ambition ✦ personal strength ✦ wealth ✦ achievement

-Green to symbolize the Heart Chakra:
love ✦ compaѕѕιon ✦ perѕeverance ✦ emotional вalance ✦ нealing 

-Light Blue to symbolize the Throat Chakra:
communication ✦ divine guidance ✦ тrυтн ✦ acceptance ✦ peace

-Indigo to symbolize the Third Eye Chakra:
spiritυal awareneѕѕ ✦ pѕychic power ✦ intυitιon ✦ eхpreѕѕιon ✦ inѕight

-Purple to symbolize the Crown Chakra:
enlightenment ✦ coѕмιc consciousness ✦ energy protection ✦ tranquilit